abstract art

Summer Studio Update: Re-adjusting my navigation system

Sometimes, getting a little new data from the outside world a can help to re-adjust your navigation system.

This Spring, I took a very beneficial course that set me on a fresh path. I now see my work is heading into new territory, and I’m thrilled.

The wonderful 12 week course is called the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program, with California artist Nicholas Wilton. It's a painting course that didn’t teach what, or how to paint. Instead, it focused on what makes strong work - the kind that will draw you across a large room in order to see it more closely. 

Mainly, it targeted the elements that prove to be powerful in art....value relationships, design- or the way your eye moves through a piece- and the importance of having differences. 

Prior to the course, I’d been working primarily in collage and fiber. Ultimately, I felt that without being comfortable with direct painting, I would be holding myself back somehow. 

As a lifelong learner, I firmly believe in the power of injecting new information into my environment and thinking. The program helped to push my work forward, adjusted my course, and established a new groove in my skill set.

Here are 6 new 12"x 12" pieces I just finished.

For me they are seeds, forecasting what’s to come.

Using fabric in my abstract art: how fiber communicates meaning

fabric holds energy and fabric holds memory

I love working with fabric/fiber - the tactility, the fact that fabric holds memory,  and that it holds energy. Also, there’s a powerful association with our bodies - the fact that from our birth, until our death, fabric is the closest thing that touches us - It’s intimate; it speaks to our security, our comfort - sometimes, even our survival.  

Making art from fabric references can all these things....it can be a powerful way to communicate.