Art Donation : Glacier Conservancy 2018 Backpacker's Ball Fundraiser

Supporting one of my favorite places - Glacier National Park.


The Backpacker’s Ball is an annual fundraiser for the Glacier Conservancy.  Its purpose is to raise needed funds for Glacier National Park. These funds are essential for conservation, and interpretation programs, ensuring that it can continue to preserve and share this precious place with nature lovers from around the world.

I've donated "Strata no.4"  11" x 14" collage on paper for the event auction.

©Heidi Marie Faessel - 2017  "Strata no.4"  11'14" collage on paper (paint, fabric, thread, graphite, and ink)

©Heidi Marie Faessel - 2017 "Strata no.4" 11'14" collage on paper (paint, fabric, thread, graphite, and ink)

©Heidi Marie Faessel  "Strata no.4"  Detail

©Heidi Marie Faessel "Strata no.4" Detail

Above/Below: Winter solo exhibit at North Valley Hospital

Contemporary art exploring the territory above and below the surface of life


I had the great pleasure of exhibiting a selection of my 2017 work at North Valley Hospital this Winter. 

The exhibit consisted of 6 collages (incorporating fabric, thread, paint, graphite, and ink) and 6 charcoal and gouache paintings on paper. 

The work explores the idea that we are made up of layers of experience that drive our beliefs and actions.

Similar to the strata of the Earth, I believe we are made up of layers. Although they exist below the surface they influence how we view the world, ourselves and each other. This work explores the idea that our emotional, physical, and psychological experiences shape us and that they unite us in being human.
— Heidi Marie Faessel

I loved having the opportunity to share my work in a healing environment, such as the hospital. It seems that each of us could benefit from some healing. Just being human, we suffer - navigating life with a myriad of feelings, emotions, and perceptions.

Our local paper, the Whitefish Pilot, ran an article about the exhibit. 

How to: creating digital designs from hand painted papers

Here is an example combining hand painted paper and digital technology to create a series of colorful, organic pattern rich designs.

hand painted papers

hand painted papers

hand painted papers

hand painted papers

hand painted papers

hand painted papers

thumbnail sketches

thumbnail sketches

Using photoshop, I reconfigured the elements on the hand painted papers into new designs.

Final digital collages. Organic, colorful design using the magic of technology.


Fabric Collage Art - Modern storytelling with personal fabric

I keep a lot of things around that I should probably throw out. It's just that my brain immediately asks, "can you use repurpose this into something else?" Perhaps it comes from all the time that I spent with my Grandmother growing up. She lived through the Depression and was very clever about finding uses for things that would normally end up in the trash. 

This collection of modern, geometric collage art was born from bits and pieces of fabric that my family and I used at some point. Denim from jeans, cotton sheeting and felt from old craft projects.