fiber art

Using fabric in my abstract art: how fiber communicates meaning

fabric holds energy and fabric holds memory

I love working with fabric/fiber - the tactility, the fact that fabric holds memory,  and that it holds energy. Also, there’s a powerful association with our bodies - the fact that from our birth, until our death, fabric is the closest thing that touches us - It’s intimate; it speaks to our security, our comfort - sometimes, even our survival.  

Making art from fabric references can all these can be a powerful way to communicate.




Fabric Collage Art - Modern storytelling with personal fabric

I keep a lot of things around that I should probably throw out. It's just that my brain immediately asks, "can you use repurpose this into something else?" Perhaps it comes from all the time that I spent with my Grandmother growing up. She lived through the Depression and was very clever about finding uses for things that would normally end up in the trash. 

This collection of modern, geometric collage art was born from bits and pieces of fabric that my family and I used at some point. Denim from jeans, cotton sheeting and felt from old craft projects.