natural materials

Handmade Brushes Using Natural Materials: connecting with my natural environment

Inspired by Australian artist Lorna Crane, I made some handmade brushes with materials I foraged from the forest.

This was such a fun project! It felt so free, where there were no rules and no way to get it wrong.

8 Reasons I wanted to try this

✔️ it disrupts habitual marks (introducing surprise)

✔️ it provides unique marks (not store bought)

✔️ it’s fun (and that’s good for the soul) 

✔️ it connects me to the land where I live (❤️Montana)

✔️ it links me to the artists/people who came Long before me (before brushes were manufactured)

✔️ its resourceful (and I like that)

✔️ it’s also like cross training for an athlete (exercising alternate muscles, enhances performance in their main sport)

✔️ it was a good way to practice some storytelling and learn how to create videos