"Igniting Flight" painting included in Art2Life Online Exhibit

I’m excited to share that one of my paintings was included in Nick Wilton’s, 1st annual Art2Life Academy online exhibition. It was a wonderful opportunity, as it was juried by Donna Seager of Seager Gray Gallery in Marin, California. 

Igniting Flight 24’x24” 2018 mixed media on wood panel

Igniting Flight 24’x24” 2018 mixed media on wood panel

This year I took Nicholas Wilton’s Art2Life 12 week intensive Creative Visionary Program, which moved me (and my work), forward in so many ways! Including…

- setting up a a productive studio environment,

- optimizing a positive, playful, exploratory mindset

- how to trouble shoot after getting stuck 

- learning to utilize the power of Value, Design + Color to make stronger work

- the opportunity to engage with an artistic community from around the world

- along with a multitude of other resources and tips for artists!!

To view the online exhibit, click here.

Summer Studio Update: Re-adjusting my navigation system

Sometimes, getting a little new data from the outside world a can help to re-adjust your navigation system.

This Spring, I took a very beneficial course that set me on a fresh path. I now see my work is heading into new territory, and I’m thrilled.

The wonderful 12 week course is called the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program, with California artist Nicholas Wilton. It's a painting course that didn’t teach what, or how to paint. Instead, it focused on what makes strong work - the kind that will draw you across a large room in order to see it more closely. 

Mainly, it targeted the elements that prove to be powerful in art....value relationships, design- or the way your eye moves through a piece- and the importance of having differences. 

Prior to the course, I’d been working primarily in collage and fiber. Ultimately, I felt that without being comfortable with direct painting, I would be holding myself back somehow. 

As a lifelong learner, I firmly believe in the power of injecting new information into my environment and thinking. The program helped to push my work forward, adjusted my course, and established a new groove in my skill set.

Here are 6 new 12"x 12" pieces I just finished.

For me they are seeds, forecasting what’s to come.