Creating a Visual Narrative - a visual poem

This visual storytelling project was inspired by a Skillshare titled, The Art of the Story: Creating Visual Narratives taught by graphic designer, Debbie Millman.

Sometimes trying something new, opens up a whole new terrain. 


The objective was to visualize a poem I wrote, titled “Is It Wrong? “ In it, I express feelings of being over loaded with our digital world.



I wrote down key words from each stanza, to reflect on while making the collages. 



Magazine pages, black Sharpies, glue stick



For each stanza of the poem, I created a collage.  I wanted to evoke a general feeling mirroring the text.

Once the collages were completed, I determined the layout of the text.




The End.

Designing a Printed Textile Collection: Start to Finish

Today, I thought I would share the process I went through to design my 2016 original textile collection called "Mountain Meadow".  Since there are usually many ways to accomplish the same goal, I thought it might be informative, and perhaps, helpful to show my approach. 


This is the final collection called " Mountain Meadow", including before and after pillow mock ups.


I started by creating a Pinterest board with natural elements that I found inspiring.

photo credits: top row - Dan Lum Photography, Kardelen Linens, Nicolette Johnson Photography bottom row - Lifestyle Delight, Lucyina Moodie Photography (middle + last)

photo credits: top row - Dan Lum Photography, Kardelen Linens, Nicolette Johnson Photography

bottom row - Lifestyle Delight, Lucyina Moodie Photography (middle + last)

Next, I found some rooms/environments that set the mood for the collection. 


I collected some drawings from my sketch books and designed a color palette.

After drafting a bunch of ideas, I picked the best ones for the final collection.


After selecting the final designs, I crafted them into repeating patterns.


Lastly, I made pillow and wallpaper mock-ups to illustrate how the patterns would look on products.

Digitally printed swatches

Digitally printed swatches

Expressing joy by way of collage

How do you express joy? What's the difference between joy and happiness?

I've heard that it's not really happiness that we are all pursuing, it's actually joy. Joy is the feeling of exuberance and elation, whereas happiness is the sense of contentment and well-being. In my eyes, any of these options seem pretty good. 

This is how I expressed joy in February... 4 cheerful pink + red collages.

Digital collage series using hand painted papers

I just finished my first project of 2016. I'm excited, because not only was it really fun, it was also was a great exercise to combine messy hands-on painting with computer design. The result maintains it's hand made integrity, but allowed me to play endlessly with different patterns and compositions.

First, I hand painted these papers.


Next, I sketched out some layout ideas. 


This is the final art.

Then I uploaded the art to Red Bubble, to create a calendar.  Even though there are a lot of print-on-demand companies out there, I chose Red Bubble, because the quality of their calendar is excellent.  They use thick card stock, high quality printing and a nice spiral metal binding. The result is really professional.



Fabric Collage Art - Upcycling household fabric

I keep a lot of things around that I should probably throw out. It's just that my brain immediately asks, "can you use repurpose this into something else?" Perhaps it comes from all the time that I spent with my Grandmother growing up. She lived through the Depression and was very clever about finding uses for things that would normally end up in the trash. 

This collection of modern, geometric collage art was born from bits and pieces of fabric that my family and I used at some point. Denim from jeans, cotton sheeting and felt from old craft projects.  

28 Days of Collage - favorite project from 2015

This February I challenged my self to create 28 collages in 28 days. Each day I would post the collage on Instagram. My intention was to experiment with a variety of materials. Magazine pages, newspaper, tissue, fabric, cardboard, wood and staples were some materials that I explored.

Although I only made 23 instead of 28, it was still an excellent exercise in focus and experimentation.  Getting to know the materials and how they perform and interact proved quite valuable.