"My work is born from a deep reverence of Nature.  I paint organic abstractions as a way of paying homage to the mystery, magic, and intelligence of our natural world.

As in Nature, I create work that reflects organized randomness.  By synthesizing organic shapes, energetic brushwork, expressive line, and movement, I hope to engage the viewer with a sense of energy. My process is intuitive. It unites experimentation, imperfection, and happy accidents with deliberate and considered editing. 

My intention is to lift people up through the art that I make. I would like my work to provide a moment of inspiration and an opportunity to reflect on the roll nature plays in our individual lives, as well as our relationship to it as a species.

Despite technological advancements,  it is nature that provides the resources for us to keep on living upon this earth. Whether we recognize it or not, we are directly connected to this powerful intelligence. I hope to offer a moment of opportunity to consider the mysterious orchestration of this planet and our relationship with it."